Defend and Protect the Country’s Borders from External Invasion, Trafficking and Smuggling


4 September 2019A Malaysian court that promised justice for victims of human trafficking made eight convictions in its inaugural year despite the launch of hundreds of investigations in recent years, data obtained exclusively by the Thomson Reuters Foundation revealed. Malaysia is a magnet for traffickers due to its heavy reliance on foreign workers, many lured from nearby Indonesia and Bangladesh with promises of honest work but ending up trapped in unpaid labour, debt and facing exploitation.

C4 – Justice for human trafficking victims in Malaysia is being outpaced by the number of investigations and incidences of human trafficking activities in the nation. With justice not done it would lead the perpetrators will continue to traffic countless workers into the country in a life of servitude and exploitation. There have been encouraging news from the PDRM and the MACC that indicates that law enforcement agencies are focused on bringing incidences of these crimes to court. What is needed now is more of these cases to be delivered through the legal system were the masterminds behind the enslavement of guest workers to justice.


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