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Health Ministry to get more staff in stages, says PSD

2 December 2019

The Public Service Department director-general, Datuk Mohd Khairul Adib Abd Rahman an additional 10,675 staff members, which include doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and other medical officers is approved to solve the shortage of staff issues in hospitals and clinics. The plan to reduce the civil service by 5% within three years will still go on to save on operating expenditure.

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Limit the interventions local and international consultants in the public sector

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Instruct Public Service Commission (PSC) to identify talented civil servants. They will be given the necessary support and training for self development.

Promotions will be undertaken based on service performance and experience.

30 April 2019 

On improvements being made in the civil service, Ismail said one of the changes was the implementation of the Myportfolio system which was created to improve the civil service and it had reached 94.1 per cent usage. He said the Myportfolio system acted as a guideline for civil servants in executing their duties and improve the work procedure manual as well as table filing system.

“Other improvements under the new government include implementing flexible working hours and effective performance management system known as Myperformance.”

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Encourage a creative culture

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