Restore Public Trust in the Judicial and Legal Institutions


Malaysiakini published a simple interactive piece on the “VK Lingam Tape” scandal that rocked the Malaysian Judicial system. The video revealed collusion of certain judges to make judgements to favour certain parties. This scandal further erode the trust the public has toward the judicial system. Pakatan Harapan made a bold manifesto pledge which is “Promise 19” to restore this trust that was lost. In order to move forward, we feel a short reflection is needed to remind us on the betrayal of our trust by the government and the judicial system in the past. 

Click here to the Malaysiakini Piece


Remove the power of PM to influence appointment of judges

A Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) will decide on the membership of the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC)

Ensure judges (including Syariah Court)’s emoluments in accordance to their professionalism

Introduce a new rule requiring judges to provide written judgements each time they announce their judgement