NACP 5.1

To Enhance Efficiency and Adherence to Professionalism in Law Enforcement Agency

Should the police be in business or law enforcement?

This raises the question as to any conflict of interest with them holding positions in both the law enforcement agency as well as the chairman and vice-chairman of a business conglomerate.

The conflict of interest becomes inevitable when law enforcement agencies are involved in businesses. It creates opportunities for abuse of power and leads to corruption.

** NACP Strategy 5: Institutionalizing Credibility of Law Enforcement Agencies


In Progress

Sub-promise with its alignment with specific PH Manifesto promises

PH MANIFESTO 58 Law enforcement agency
NACP 5.1.2 — To curb malfeasance in Immigration Department through internal control

12 July 2019A Nigerian student has died in custody after being detained by Malaysian immigration authorities

28 Feb 2019 – The government will on April 1, introduce the System Integration for Approving Authorities to ease expatriate applications under a single platform.

This new system will ensure a streamlined delivery of immigration services and security by consolidating data on the expatriates with the national talent database.

Deputy Home Minister Datuk Mohd Azis Jamman said with this, the time for expatriate application would be shortened to a minimum of five working days instead of more than a week.

PH MANIFESTO 58 Law enforcement agency
NACP 5.1.3 – To integrate relevant agencies responsible in managing border control towards effective border management