Instruct GLCs to galvanize efforts to increase Bumiputera equity holding in the country

MARA subsidiaries are being consolidated under GLIC Mara Corp after the change of federal government. After the MARA Inc. scandal, leaders stated that “due diligence processes” were completed and issues resolved, stating the intention to continue the development of a “complete ecosystem in Mara’s commercial entities” to uplift the Bumiputera economy.
Khazanah Nasional Bhd should go back to its “original focus” of helping the Bumiputera grow their ownership in companies. Dr M is looking into Khazanah’s role because it is “no longer helping to increase Bumiputera equity in the stock market”.
Mara Corp to set Bumiputera’s economic development back on track

Dr Mahathir: Khazanah should re-focus on helping Bumiputera own stakes in companies