Tabung Haji transfers assets to special purpose vehicle

U.S. Returns Seized 'Wolf of Wall Street' Millions to Malaysia

TABUNG Haji (TH) has started transferring assets from its equities investment portfolio to a special purpose vehicle (SPV), Urusharta Jamaah Sdn Bhd, as part of a restructuring exercise.
U.S. Returns Seized 'Wolf of Wall Street' Millions to Malaysia. The first tranche of recovered funds from the multibillion-dollar scandal have been returned. The 1MBD scandal, in which an estimated $4.5 billion was illegally siphoned out of Malaysia and used to finance extravagant lifestyles and purchase luxury properties in New York and L.A., artwork, private jets, yachts and even a major foray into Hollywood, appears to be reaching its own endgame.
28 Dec 2018
7 May 2019

Cease all dubious overseas investments made by these companies and bring back the fund